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With our late model trucks, equipment and attachments, we can handle many jobs that others can't. We have the right machine to efficiently and correctly complete your project. From Large Cat high track bulldozers to build a pond, driveway or clear a building site, to small skid steers and mini excavators to trench in utilities, clean up and complete all the finish work, we do it all. Whether you need a machine to cut down and grind up 9" trees and stumps, level an area while removing rocks for seed preparation or bust through solid bedrock or concrete, we own the equipment and loose no time running back and forth to the rental yard so your project stays on schedule and gets completed on time. Not sure where that pipe goes that's in your yard? Or where exactly your septic tank or leach field is located? No problem, we have the latest state of the art 200' self-leveling color video inspection camera with Bluetooth technology. Not only can we show you what the condition of the inside of the pipe looks like, but we can also map it on the surface of the ground, so you know just where it is and how deep it is. If needed we can leave you with a color video of the whole inspection captured on a thumb drive, to be viewed on any laptop or computer. Our wire and utility locator works just as efficiently. Maybe you would like to have an areal photo of your home or business, video of your property, lake or farm. Our drone with color camera can capture beautiful stills and amazing 4k video. Add our drone photo service to your next outdoor event or project. Nothing captures the sequence of that new home build, pond construction or site work as well as an aerial photo from above.       

Some of our services......

  • Foundations

  • Septic systems

  • Driveways

  • Ponds

  • Landscaping

  • Retaining walls

  • Hydraulic demo hammer

  • Brush hogging

  • Seedbed preparation

  • Straw or hay shredder (soil stabilization)

  • Logging or site cleanup

  • Building demolition

  • Drainage

  • Concrete work

  • Post holes

  • Trencher

  • Vibratory roller

  • Forestry mulcher

  • Aerial Photography

  • Aerial Inspections

  • Aerial site evaluations

  • Plumbing inspections and reports/drain camera

  • Underground utilities locating and maping

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